Quantum Many-Body Days 2021

This event has passed. It was a bridge series to the actual conference: RPMBT-XXI.

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All talks will be 45 min presentation + 15 min for questions and discussion. All times below are US Eastern (EDT)

September 7th, 2021:
Topology and gauge theories

“Emergent higher symmetry and topological order”
X.-G. Wen – 10am
Session chair: Drut. Introductory remarks: Ortiz
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“Quantum information measure of space-time correlation”
X. Qi – 1pm
Session chair: Batista
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September 14th, 2021:
Machine learning and computational physics

“Reconstructing quantum states with generative models”
R. Melko – 10am
Session chair: Nicholson
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“Simulating strongly correlated systems with tensor networks”
F. Verstraete – 11am
Session chair: Ortiz
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September 21st, 2021:
Quantum computation / quantum information

“Quantum simulation by quantum annealing”
H. Nishimori – 10am
Session chair: Papenbrock
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“Quantum Computing for Nuclear Physics”
M. J. Savage – 11am
Session chair: Batista
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September 28th, 2021:
Universal behavior and strongly coupled theories

“Fermi surfaces large and small: unifying theories of the Kondo lattice and Hubbard models”
S. Sachdev – 10am
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“Boundary criticality of the O(N) model in d = 3 critically revisited”
M. Metlitski – 11am
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Session chair: Basar