Kümmel Early Achievement Award

We are pleased to invite you to nominate candidates for the Hermann Kümmel Early Achievement Award.

Complete nominations – as indicated here – should be submitted (by email only please) by the deadline of 15th April 2022 to Cristian D. Batista (cbatist2@utk.edu).

The International Advisory Committee responsible for the International Conference series on “Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories” and for awarding the Feenberg Medal, decided at the Thirteenth International Conference on Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories (RPMBT-13) in 2005 to establish a new award for young physicists whose published work is a significant contribution to quantum many-body theory.

The title of this award, “THE HERMANN KÜMMEL EARLY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD IN MANY-BODY PHYSICS”, honors Prof. Kümmel’s long and distinguished career as a leader in the field and as a mentor for younger generations. It should be noted that Prof. Kümmel, together with Prof. Raymond Bishop, received the Feenberg Memorial Medal in 2005 for the development of the coupled cluster method.