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Feenberg Memorial Medal awardees announced!

Antoine Georges, Gabriel Kotliar and Dieter Vollhardt have been jointly awarded the 2022 Feenberg Memorial Medal for established work that has significantly advanced the field of many-body physics.  The award is for the Dynamical Mean Field Theory (DMFT) method, now an important tool in the Many-Body community.

The Eugene Feenberg Memorial Medal was established by the many-body physics at the Third International Conference on Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories in 1983 as a continuing memorial to Eugene Feenberg.  The medal commemorates Eugene Feenberg’s wise stewardship of a field that penetrates into all branches of physics, his deep physical insights and great formal achievements, his dedicated service as a teacher and as a mentor, and the exemplary integrity of his personal and professional life. The Feenberg Award serves to preserve the memory of the unique and enduring contributions of Eugene Feenberg to physics.


Members of the Feenberg committee David Neilson (Chair), Morten Hjorth-Jensen, and Steve White.