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Ensonacion album cover featuring Juan Alamo holding four blue mallets.Juan Álamo

Ensoñación (Reverie). Summit Records, 2021.

Stephen Anderson

Dominican Jazz Project, Desde Lejos. Summit Records, 2021.

Jeffrey Jacob, Contemporary Eclectic Music for the Piano, Volume 18. Stephen Anderson, composer of Drones. New Ariel Recordings, 2021.

Andrea Bohlman

“Next Time Won’t You Sign With Me: Joan La Barbara on Sesame Street.” Tempo (2022), 50-60.

“Who Is A River?” Video Essay for Wild Energies, Live Materials, CRiSAP, London/virtual, April 2022.

Evan Bonds

Book cover for Mark Evan Bonds' Ludwig Van Beethoven: A Very Short IntroductionLudwig van Beethoven: A Very Short Introduction. New York: Oxford University Press, 2022.

Annegret Fauser

“Beethoven in den USA – Lokale Traditionen und diasporische Identitäten während des Zweiten Weltkriegs.” Beethovens Vermächtnis: Mit Beethoven im Exil, edited by Anna Langenbruch, Beate Angelika Kraus und Christine Siegert. Schriften zur Beethovenforschung 32 (2022): 61‒73.

La Liberté éclairant le monde: Transatlantic Soundscapes for the Statue of Liberty.” In America in the French Imaginary, 1789-1914: Music, Revolution and Race, edited by Diana Hallman and César Leal, 233–62. Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer, 2022.

David Garcia

“Trumpism and Hauntological Reckonings of Latinidad and Music.” Colloquy: Early American Music and the Construction of Race, convened by Rhae Lynn Barnes and Glenda Goodman. Journal of the American Musicological Society 74, no. 3 (Fall 2021).

Girl looks at open score in the stacks of the music library

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