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Austin Seamster and Jeffrey Fuchs
Austin Seamster (left) announces the new scholarship as Fuchs (right) holds the plaque. (Photo courtesy of UNC Bands)

The UNC Bands Alumni Association created a new scholarship in honor of UNC Bands Director Jeffrey Fuchs. The scholarship’s creation was first announced at the Marching Tar Heels’ annual alumni band reunion at Homecoming 2022.

Fuchs was stunned when he heard the scholarship was named after him saying, “I was totally shocked and very humbled when they announced it at our annual alumni band reunion.”

The Jeffrey Fuchs Ambassador Scholarship will be awarded annually to deserving students who seek to strengthen the bonds between UNC Bands, the University, and the greater Chapel Hill community. Fuch’s advocacy for music education, drive to collaborate with campus and community partners, and tireless dedication to the student experience expanded the reach and visibility of UNC Bands. Selected individuals should demonstrate excellent leadership skills, contagious positivity, and commitment to amplifying the impact of UNC Bands and music education.

Three UNCBAA leadership members standing together with the scholarship plaque.
UNC Band Alumni Association leadership poses with new plaque after scholarship announcement. (Photo courtesy of UNC Bands)

The first two students to receive the Jeffrey Fuchs Ambassador Scholarship, Joelle Mogabanga and Cassidy Dellinger, were announced alongside the creation of the scholarship. Each student received $5,000.

“He announced my name, and I just remember being incredibly giddy and honored,” Cassidy said. “I was also just super excited to be sharing the first-recipient title of this award with Joelle because we are fraternity brothers.”

“To be recognized in this way is very special in that it cements the legacy that we have worked so hard to establish within the band program,” said Fuchs. “As with any honor like this, it is reflective of the efforts of everyone involved in the program for the past 28 years. No one accomplishes anything alone.”

This scholarship will reaffirm and encourage students to strive to live to a high standard. It also will provide financial assistance to the students who receive the scholarships.

“I felt incredibly honored and grateful to have received an award named after someone I admire and really look up to,” Joelle expressed. “UNC Bands is truly the highlight of my college experience.”

by Casey Mentch, ’24