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The output directory will contain:

  • indivPathEstimates: Contains estimate, standard error, p-value, and z-value for each path and each individual
  • summaryFit: Contains model fit information for individual-level models. If subgroups are requested, this file also indicates the subgroup membership for each individual.
  • summaryPathCountMatrix: Contains counts of total number of paths, both contemporaneous and lagged, estimated for the sample. The row variable is the outcome and the column variable is the predictor variable.
  • summaryPathCounts: Contains summary count information for paths identified at the group-, subgroup (if subgroup = TRUE), and individual-level.
  • summaryPathPlot: Produced if plot = TRUE. Contains figure with group, subgroup (if subgroup = TRUE), and individual-level paths for the sample. Black paths are group-level, green paths are subgroup-level, and grey paths are individual-level, where the thickness of the line represents the count.
  • similarityMatrix: the similarity matrix used to arrive at data-drive subgroups.

The subgroup output directory (if subgroup = TRUE) will contain:

  • subgroupkPathCounts: Contains counts of relations among lagged and contemporaneous variables for the kth subgroup
  • subgroupkPlot: Contains plot of group, subgroup, and individual level paths for the kth subgroup. Black represents group-level paths, grey represents individual-level paths, and green represents subgroup-level paths.
  • Note: if a subgroup of size n = 1 is discovered, subgroup-level output is not produced. Subgroups of size one can be considered outlier cases

In individual output directory (where id represents the original file name for each individual):

  • idBetas: Contains individual-level estimates of each path for each individual.
  • idStdErrors: Contains individual-level standard errors for each path for each individual.
  • idPlot: Contains individual-level plots. Red paths represent positive weights and blue paths represent negative weights.