Research Round-up

We will regularly announce newly posted articles and newly accepted articles within the group.  We are proud to announce the following updates from the past few months.

Yaiza Canzani (faculty)

Jeremy Marzuola (faculty)

Jason Metcalfe (faculty)

      • Newly accepted:  J. Metcalfe and A. Stewart: On a system of weakly null semilinear wave equations.  Analysis and Mathematical Physics, to appear.
      • Newly accepted:  M. Facci and J. Metcalfe: Global existence for quasilinear wave equations satisfying the null condition.. Houston Journal of Mathematics, to appear.
      • Newly accepted:  K. Hepditch and J. Metcalfe: A local energy estimate for 2-dimensional Dirichlet wave equations.  Involve, to appear.

Casey Rodriguez (faculty)

Michael Taylor (faculty)

Mark Williams (faculty)

Upcoming talks by RTG members

We proudly alert you to a number of upcoming presentations by RTG members.

  • Maddie Brown (graduate student)
  • Yaiza Canzani (faculty)
      • QMATH 15 at the University of California – Davis, September 12-16
      • Colloquium at Northwestern University, October 5
      • Chern-Weil Symposium at the University of Chicago, October 7-9
      • Panelist for “Exploring a research landscape” at the GROW conference at Duke University, October 22
      • Colloquium at Dartmouth University, October 29
  • Hans Christianson (faculty)
  • Jeremy Marzuola (faculty)
      • Attending “At the interface between semiclassical analysis and numerical analysis of wave scattering problems” at Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (Germany)
      • Applied math seminar at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro, October 3
      • SEARCDE Conference at North Carolina State University, November 12-13
  • Casey Rodriguez (faculty)

Girls Talk Math

It was a pleasure to welcome the Girls Talk Math program back to campus this past summer.  The RTG is proud to support this free educational summer program that strives to make advanced mathematics accessible to students of underrepresented genders in STEM.  Its founders, Katrina Morgan and Francesca Bernardi, are former UNC graduate students.  GTM has expanded to sites at the University of Maryland and at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in addition to the original location at UNC.  The Association for Women in Mathematics recently highlighted this story regarding the work at WPI.

Conference Opportunities

As we welcome back graduate student Maddie Brown from giving talks at

Please let me alert you to a couple of upcoming conference opportunities, which feature RTG members: