Research Round-up

Research Round-up


We will regularly announce newly posted articles and newly accepted articles within the group.  We are proud to announce the following updates from the past few months.

Yaiza Canzani (faculty)

Jeremy Marzuola (faculty)

Jason Metcalfe (faculty)

      • Newly accepted:  J. Metcalfe and A. Stewart: On a system of weakly null semilinear wave equations.  Analysis and Mathematical Physics, to appear.
      • Newly accepted:  M. Facci and J. Metcalfe: Global existence for quasilinear wave equations satisfying the null condition.. Houston Journal of Mathematics, to appear.
      • Newly accepted:  K. Hepditch and J. Metcalfe: A local energy estimate for 2-dimensional Dirichlet wave equations.  Involve, to appear.

Casey Rodriguez (faculty)

Michael Taylor (faculty)

Mark Williams (faculty)