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This survey contains items related to each category identified as critical to T32 training and program evaluation (see Home: Project Description). To that end, this instrument provides basic feedback to T32 program directors for core aspects of T32 programs.

Instructions: Always customize your program evaluation offerings based on your program goals, logic models, and the purpose of your evaluation. The Core Survey can serve as a great foundation to begin an evaluation plan, and this version incorporates each of the themes our program directors identified as important categories to measure. Be sure to add any program and content-specific text, questions, or additional sections as needed. In addition, you may want to further explore the addition of specific modules for areas your program is focused on developing or measuring progress on – please check Survey Modules to see more options you may want to use to tailor surveys to your program’s needs. If you have existing longitudinal survey questions you have been tracking over time, you may want to include some of your own for historical benchmarking or reference points. The Qualtrics versions of the core survey is also available by request (contact

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Download Core Survey (PDF): T32_Core_Survey_MS Word

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