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This website provides resources for Enhancing Program Evaluation Capacity for NIGMS-funded T32 Training Programs developed by a multidisciplinary team from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). The goal of this work was to develop collaboratively-designed, evidence-based evaluation tools that can strengthen the effectiveness of T32 training programs. This project resulted in identifying:

  • Core aspects of the NIGMS-funded T32 programs at UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Critical perspectives of key stakeholders (e.g., trainees, program directors, leaders, employers)
  • Common issues related to the needs of trainees and training programs

Using this information, we developed an evaluation toolkit that includes:

  • Surveys that can be downloaded and utilized to evaluate T32 training programs
  • Scripts that can be used to interview trainees, industry leaders, and other key stakeholders about T32 training programs
  • Resources that describe how to develop and address common topics in these programs
  • Logic models that illustrate the inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes of NIGMS-funded T32 training programs at UNC

While this toolkit is not intended to be comprehensive in measuring all aspects of a program, it is intended to provide a  menu of possible options for developing an effective program evaluation plan.

Program directors should consult with program evaluation experts as they design and finalize their assessment plans. Plans should include formative and summative components that provide frequent feedback for program adjustments (i.e., formative) and to capture program outcomes at a particular time point (i.e., summative). Examples might include: pre/post entrance and exit surveys, focus groups with trainees, and outcomes tracking.

Refer to UNC Resources, References, and/or Contact tabs for additional information, such as UNC boilerplate information.