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1946: Founding of the Department of Mathematical Statistics, with Harold Hotelling as the first department chair (1946-1952). The founding faculty of the department also include Pao-Lu Hsu, William G. Madow, Edward Paulson, and Herbert Robbins.

The professors of the Department of Statistics in the early 1960s: Hotelling, Nicholson, Johnson, Hoeffding, Bose, Roy.

1973: A free-standing “Curriculum in Operations Research” is established, becoming the Department of Operations Research soon after. F. Jerome Gould, Jon Tolle, David Rubin, John P. Evans, George Fishman and others were instrumental in launching and running the program.

2003: Merger of the Departments of Statistics and Operations Research into a single department (STOR). Vidyadhar Kulkarni serves as its first chair (2003-2009).

The current faculty members of the STOR department.
Top row: Pipiras, Chen, Marron, Ji, Hannig, Fraiman, Banerjee, Bhamidi, Argon, Budhiraja.
Middle row: Abayomi, O’Neill, McLean, Zhang, Giacomazzo, Lassiter, Zhang, Ziya, Liu, Tran-Dinh.
Bottom row: Nobel, Kulkarni, Li, Huang, Olvera-Cravioto, Smith.
Absent: Dunn, Pataki.