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STOR Fest was the celebration of the department of Statistics and Operations Research turning 20 years! This coincides with the 75th anniversary of Statistics and 50th anniversary of Operations Research at Carolina. Many returned to campus to reconnect with their friends and joined us to celebrate this exciting event.

Location: The Carolina Club on UNC campus.

Dates: September 17 (Sunday), 18 (Monday) and 19 (Tuesday), 2023.

Organizing committee:

Advisory Committee:

  • Andrew Nobel
  • Mariana Olvera-Cravioto
  • Vladas Pipiras



  • Christine Keat
  • Daniielle Ross
  • Cinnamon Weaver

Student Volunteers:

  • Panos Andreou
  • Benjamin Brown
  • Hank Flury
  • Kyung Rok Kim
  • Minji Kim
  • Morgan Wood
  • Hyeon Lee
  • Seong Jin Lee
  • Jiaying Li
  • Stephanie Lin
  • Tianzhu Liu
  • Nghia Nguyen
  • Dilay Ozkan
  • Akshay Sakanaveeti
  • Dawn Sanderson
  • Andrew Walker
  • Yikai Wang
  • Sinan Yorukoglu
  • Wan Zhang
  • Yuhao Zhou