Independent Research ENEC-395 or ENEC-693(H)

Research: Measuring sediment supplied to salt marshes.

Coordinator: Dr. Rachel Noble




As part of the MCFS, each student conducts an independent research project or internship (if you qualify you can also conduct it as an Honors Research Project. Typically, the mentors for these projects are faculty members at the Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) although there are also opportunities to work with people at other local university marine labs and agencies such as Duke University Marine Laboratory, NC State University, NC Aquarium and the NC Maritime Museum.

Here are examples of types of projects that students could work on with each research group at IMS.

Final topics are determined from discussions between each student and their mentor. Students should contact potential research advisors by June 30, 2022 to discuss projects. Each advisor accepts a maximum of two students and projects are offered on a first come first served basis, so if you have a mentor that you identify as being your target area of research, contact them soon.