Human Impacts

Human Impacts on Estuarine Processes-ENEC 471

Field trip examining connectivity between development and tidal creeks.
Dr. Rachel Noble

Dr. Rachel Noble
With contributions from:
Dr. Johanna Rosman
Dr. Nathan Hall
Dr. Antonio Rodriguez &
Dr. Hans Paerl


Topics covered in class:
Estuarine physical processes
Estuarine Habitats
Sea-level Rise
Shellfish Aquaculture
Human-landscape Interactions
Ocean Acidification
Stormwater Runoff
Wastewater Management
Water Quality Testing
Press and Pulse Disturbance

Field trip to the Rachel Carson NERR.

Field Trips
Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve
Infrastructure of Coastalines
Salt marsh response to sea-level rise
Oyster reef restoration
Stormwater/Wastewater Infrastructure