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La Conferencia would not be possible without the investment from campus and community partners. 

Your financial contribution, no matter the amount, will play a significant role in supporting our efforts to connect and support the Latinx community in the Triangle region. Our team encourages you to take a moment to review the sponsorship package listed below and we would be incredibly grateful for your support.

Check out our English and Spanish sponsorship package below!

Be a Sponsor:

Online Donation Instructions

When using Online Giving, please be sure to choose “Carolina  Latinx Center” under the University Designation List  then select “Carolina Latinx Center (074006)” from the Select  a University Fund menu. When giving online, you have many options  including:

  • Credit Card – Make a gift using your credit card (Visa,  MasterCard, American Express).
  • Check – Complete a form to print and mail with your check to the  Office of University Development.
  • Bank Draft -Make a gift via a monthly draft of your checking  account. Complete a form to print and mail with a voided check to the  Office of University Development.
  • Pledge – Make an annual or quarterly gift commitment now and we  will send you a reminder. For a monthly commitment, select Credit Card  or Bank Draft.
  • Payroll Deduction (for UNC employees) – Employees of the  University may give by payroll deduction. Complete a form to print and  mail to the Office of University Development.

Mail in-Donation Instructions

Make checks or money orders payable to “UNC-CH”, write  “Carolina  Latinx Center (074006)” on the “For/Memo” line, and mail to:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Office of University Development
PO Box 309
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-9931

Josmell Perez
201-686-4316 (cell)