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Digital Copy of the Program

Networking Night!

Join us for an inspiring opening session featuring Herrison Chicas, an accomplished organizational behavior scientist. With a focus on exploring the workplace experiences of marginalized employees, Herrison’s diverse research methodologies shed light on issues of diversity & immigration, narrative identity, and intergenerational behavior.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear an enlightening speech that promises to spark meaningful conversations and empower change.

Bem-vindo to day two of La Conferencia! We are going to start the day with a welcome from the Carolina Latinx Center Director, and we will be sharing a little more about the theme for La Conferencia: Latinxverse: El Universo Es Nuestro!

Concurrent Morning Sessions A – 10:15AM-11:00AM

Concurrent Morning Sessions B – 11:15AM-12:00PM

Join us for a lunch experience in the lobby, where we’ll be serving delicious Alpaca dishes.
As you enjoy your meal, we encourage attendees to take advantage of this opportunity to continue mingling and networking with each other. Continue to engage in conversations and foster new connections throughout the lunch break.

Join us for a captivating Keynote Address featuring dynamic sisters Iza and Flor, who epitomize resilience, dedication, and community empowerment. Raised in Wilson, NC, their shared heritage from Guanajuato, Mexico, forms the foundation of their profound bond and commitment to uplift their community through Casa Azul de Wilson.

Through the power of storytelling, advocacy, and their bicultural identity, Iza and Flor empower Latinx youth, paving the way for a diverse array of professionals poised to enact meaningful change locally and beyond. Join us as they share their inspiring journey, showcasing Casa Azul de Wilson as a testament to their dedication, love for their hometown, and unwavering commitment to community success.

Explore the latest research and innovative ideas through our poster presentation section. Engage with scholars and researchers as they showcase their findings and insights on a diverse array of topics. The poster presentation section offers a platform for interactive discussions, networking opportunities, and knowledge exchange. Don’t miss the chance to discover emerging trends and cutting-edge discoveries in your field of interest with Latinx professionals.

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions A

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions B

We will gather one last time before we dismiss. Los felicito on making it to the end! La Conferencia is just a starting place. Join us for the closing session to learn how else we can stay in touch and continue to connect with one another.

Join us for the Closing Day Celebration!

As our conference draws to a close, we invite you to gather once more in the auditorium for a heartfelt reflection on the enriching experiences we’ve shared over the weekend. Together, we’ll reminisce on the insightful discussions, memorable moments, and meaningful connections forged during our time together.

Following our collective reflection, we extend a warm invitation to enjoy a delicious spread of food provided for all attendees. Embrace the opportunity to mingle and connect with like-minded individuals in the identity spaces tailored to your interests and passions.

Finally, we will reconvene in the auditorium for the final farewell. It’s a moment to express our gratitude and bid adieu to newfound friends.

Join us as we close this chapter with gratitude, reflection, and the promise of future connections.