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Our purpose is to provide a space for Latinx students, staff, faculty, and their allies to network and create a discourse about access, social development, education, positive communication, and cross-cultural understanding in a Latinx-centered setting. We aim to develop this into a space for people to convene annually to have critical dialogue, and exchange of information in order to empower the next generation of Latinx thinkers.

Conference Content Areas

Academia. Under this area, the presenters will be showcasing scholarship, highlighting new ways of thinking and learning, and/or providing a space for folks to share ideas.

Future Planning. Sessions will focus on applying and attending graduate school, tips and insights on the job search, and/or how someone goes about goal setting after leaving college.

Identity. These sessions will provide the attendees with space to discuss their Latinx identity development, find cultural understanding across the diversity of Latinidad, and overall shared experiences around being a Latinx person.

Giving Back. In this content area, the sessions will center on service, community engagement, and staying connected to nuestra gente as a young professional.