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Register for the next course in the following sequence:

  1. EXSS 175 (Human Anatomy)
  2. EXSS 276 (Human Physiology)
  3. EXSS 376 (Physiologic Basis of Human Performance – e.g. Exercise Physiology)
  4. EXSS 410 (Exercise Testing and Prescription)
  5. EXSS 593 (Practicum in Physical Fitness and Wellness)
  • e.g., if you completed 276 this semester, prioritize registration for 376 next semester.

EXSS 410 is restricted to FP Juniors and Seniors who have completed EXSS 376

  • Questions? Contact Lacey Singletary (

EXSS 593 is not a typical class

  • EXSS 593 (Practicum in Physical Fitness and Wellness) is an internship in clinical fitness, fitness and wellness, or strength and conditioning/athletic performance.
    • Pre-reqs for 593 include: EXSS 220, 380 or 385, 408 or 478, and 410.
    • You cannot gain 593 credit for experiences gained prior to enrollment (e.g. get Fall credit for a Summer internship).
    • You must attend the pre-registration practicum meeting the semester prior to your internship to get registered for the course (dates/times will be announced via email).
    • Your hours at the site depends on the number of credits you signed up for:
      • 3 credits = 135 hrs/semester or 9 hrs/week
      • 6 credits = 270 hrs/semester or 18 hrs/week
      • 9 credits = 405 hrs/semester or 27 hrs/week
    • If you choose 3 credits of practicum, you must take two EXSS electives (6 credit hours).
    • If you choose 6 credits of practicum, you must take one EXSS elective (3 credit hours)
    • If you choose 9 credits, you are not required to complete EXSS electives.
    • Although it’s not common, you may take practicum multiple semesters.

Should I take 408 or 478; 380 or 385?

  • EXSS 408 (Strength Training Theory) or 478 (Sports Performance Training)?
    • 408 focuses on personal training for general, healthy populations, and prepares you for the NASM-CPT exam.
    • 478 focuses on sports performance (e.g., strength and conditioning) for athletes, and prepares you for the NSCA-CSCS exam.
  • EXSS 380 or 385?
    • Sometimes it comes down to what fits your schedule best.
    • 380 (Motor Control) focuses on how the nervous system causes bodily movement.
    • 385 (Biomechanics) focuses on forces applied to the body (e.g., the physics of human movement).

Consider these interesting FP-related electives

  • EXSS 409 (Spring Only) – Exercise Prescription for Special Populations (e.g., chronic disease, metabolic, cardiac, pulmonary, etc.)
  • EXSS 433 (Fall and Spring) – Exercise Technique (e.g., learn to coach individuals in commonly used exercises in the strength and conditioning field)
  • EXSS 450 (Fall Only) – Corrective Exercise Training (e.g., design an exercise program to improve movement quality)

Typical summer school offerings for FP classes

  • EXSS 175, 276, 376, 380, 385, 593


  • Please email the Director of the Fitness Professional Concentration Alain Aguilar (