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Register for the next course in the following sequence:

  1. EXSS 175 (Human Anatomy)
  2. EXSS 276 (Human Physiology)
  3. EXSS 376 (Physiologic Basis of Human Performance – e.g. Exercise Physiology)
  4. EXSS 410 (Exercise Testing and Prescription)
  5. EXSS 593 (Practicum in Physical Fitness and Wellness)
  • e.g., if you completed 276 this semester, prioritize registration for 376 next semester.

EXSS 410 has a unique registration procedure

  • Enrollment for EXSS 410 is controlled to ensure FP Students have priority. You request to be enrolled via a survey linked in the course registration notes section. You will be enrolled by EXSS personnel by the end of the first wave or beginning of the second. Questions? Contact Lacey Singletary (

EXSS 593 is not a typical class

  • EXSS 593 (Practicum in Physical Fitness and Wellness) is an internship in clinical fitness, fitness and wellness, or strength and conditioning/athletic performance.
    • Pre-reqs for 593 include: EXSS 220, 380 or 385, 408 or 478, and 410.
    • You cannot gain 593 credit for experiences gained prior to enrollment (e.g. get Fall credit for a Summer internship).
    • You must attend the pre-registration practicum meeting the semester prior to your internship to get registered for the course (dates/times will be announced via email).
    • Your hours at the site depends on the number of credits you signed up for:
      • 3 credits = 135 hrs/semester or 9 hrs/week
      • 6 credits = 270 hrs/semester or 18 hrs/week
      • 9 credits = 405 hrs/semester or 27 hrs/week
    • If you choose 3 credits of practicum, you must take two EXSS electives (6 credit hours).
    • If you choose 6 credits of practicum, you must take one EXSS elective (3 credit hours)
    • If you choose 9 credits, you are not required to complete EXSS electives.
    • Although it’s not common, you may take practicum multiple semesters.

Should I take 408 or 478; 380 or 385?

  • EXSS 408 (Strength Training Theory) or 478 (Sports Performance Training)?
    • 408 focuses on personal training for general, healthy populations, and prepares you for the NASM-CPT exam.
    • 478 focuses on sports performance (e.g., strength and conditioning) for athletes, and prepares you for the NSCA-CSCS exam.
  • EXSS 380 or 385?
    • Sometimes it comes down to what fits your schedule best.
    • 380 (Motor Control) focuses on how the nervous system causes bodily movement.
    • 385 (Biomechanics) focuses on forces applied to the body (e.g., the physics of human movement).

Consider these interesting FP-related electives

  • EXSS 409 (Spring Only) – Exercise Prescription for Special Populations (e.g., chronic disease, metabolic, cardiac, pulmonary, etc.)
  • EXSS 433 (Fall and Spring) – Exercise Technique (e.g., learn to coach individuals in commonly used exercises in the strength and conditioning field)
  • EXSS 450 (Fall Only) – Corrective Exercise Training (e.g., design an exercise program to improve movement quality)

Typical summer school offerings for FP classes

  • EXSS 175, 276, 376, 380, 385, 593


  • Please email the Director of the Fitness Professional Concentration Alain Aguilar (