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Two Curricula Options

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A student’s curriculum (2018 or 2020) is based on when they arrived to Carolina.

  • Students who arrived in 2020 or later are assigned to the “2020 Curriculum”
  • Students who arrivedĀ  prior to 2020 are assigned to the “2018 Curriculum.” However, if they arrived before 2020 and would like to follow the 2020 curriculum, they should notify the EXSS Director of Undergraduate Studies, Meredith Petschauer (

What’s the difference between the 2018 and 2020 curricula?

  • The 2020 curriculum gives students more options.
    • They may take EXSS 380 – Motor Control or EXSS 385 – Biomechanics.
    • They may take EXSS 478, which is about training athletes, or EXSS 408, which is about personal training for the general population.
    • They may gain additional fitness experiences (up to six additional credits of EXSS 593 Practicum) or they may take 1-2 EXSS courses they find interesting (e.g., EXSS 273 Research Methods, EXSS 288 Emergency Care, etc.).

It will take at least five semesters to complete the curriculum

  • There is a sequence of five semester-long courses that build off each other.
    • EXSS 175 (3 cr.) – Human Anatomy
    • EXSS 276 (3 cr.) – Human Physiology
    • EXSS 376 (3 cr.) – Physiologic Basis for Human Performance
    • EXSS 410 (4 cr.) – Exercise Testing and Prescription
    • EXSS 593 (1,2, or 3 cr. for the 2018 curriculum; 3,6, or 9 cr. for the 2020 curriculum) – Practicum in Physical Fitness and Wellness
  • During registration, students should prioritize the next course in the sequence.

Helpful tips for class registration

  • The following required FP courses are typically offered during summer school (EXSS 175, EXSS 276, EXSS 376, EXSS 380, EXSS 385). The other required FP courses are not.
  • Enrollment in EXSS 376 can be challenging as an FP junior. If this class is closed, ask the instructor to get on the waitlist.
  • Enrollment for EXSS 410 and 593 is usually controlled by the EXSS FP Director. Contact him or the instructor of record for enrollment instructions.
  • EXSS 410 is a Monday/Wednesday class that spans two class periods. In addition, you will enroll in 1.5 hr. lab.
  • EXSS 593 is an opportunity for students to apply their classroom knowledge to real-life situations
    • it is essentially a fitness-related practicum/internship experience, and has no weekly meeting times.
    • only internship/practicum hours gained while enrolled in 593 can satisfy the 593 requirement.
    • You cannot gain 593 credit for experiences gained prior to enrollment (e.g. get Fall credit for a Summer internship).
    • Pre-reqs for 593 include: EXSS 220, 380 or 385, 408 or 478, and 410.