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Our Vision

To improve the health and fitness of society

Our Mission

To prepare students to lead all people in physical activity by teaching sound principles, practicing professional skills, and preparing them for fitness-related certifications.

Learning Objectives

Graduates will be able to …

  1. apply curriculum learning to pass fitness-related accredited certifications
  2. independently demonstrate accurate and comprehensive fitness testing methods and interpret the results
  3. create comprehensive fitness programs for healthy and clinical populations
  4. explain, correct, and modify exercise techniques to healthy and clinical populations
  5. explain general nutritional concepts for specific fitness goals
  6. comprehend the basic administrative duties of fitness management
  7. critically analyze, interpret, use, and differentiate fitness-related research, blog posts, and other outlets of information

Next Steps

Over half of our graduates pursue graduate-level education (physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, medical school, exercise physiology, chiropractic, nursing, etc.).  The majority of the rest of the graduates pursue the fitness or athletic performance industries.


Based on exit survey data, almost all FP graduates report feeling well prepared by the major for graduate school or starting their career, for fitness certification exams, and for their practicum experience.

In addition, almost all Practicum Supervisors, who are seasoned local fitness professionals, rate FP graduates as above or at competence for skills in fitness assessment, interaction with clients, program design, training and coaching, and health promotions.

Contact Us

For more information, contact the EXSS FP Director, Alain Aguilar (