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The Student Supreme Court is one of the two divisions of the judicial branch of Student Government.  Article IV of the Constitution provides that the Student Supreme Court is the only organization with jurisdiction over controversies concerning actions of the executive branch, legislative branch, the Board of Elections, or other organizations and committees organized under the authority of the Student Constitution.  This jurisdiction is extended to substantial questions of law arising under the Constitution, the laws enacted under its authority, and the governing documents of the other organizations and committees recognized under its authority.

No other organization is authorized to interpret the student codes, Constitution, and other documents governing Student Government, organizations, or independent agencies.  Since no other organization is authorized to interpret student-made rules which govern the Student Body, the Student Supreme Court provides a service that falls outside other student organizations or University departments/services currently in existence.

The four associate justices and the chief justice are appointed by the Student Body President and are confirmed by a two-thirds vote of the representative body of their constituency (Undergraduate or Graduate and Professional).  Each justice serves for the duration of their academic career at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Therefore, in a given year, the Student Body President may not be able to appoint any justices, may only be able to fill one or two positions, or may be able to fill all open positions.

To learn more about the Student Supreme Court you can go to the “Governing Documents Page” and the Bylaws below:


Student Supreme Court Bylaws Cover Thumbnail
Bylaws of the Student Supreme Court