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UNC DPW is a competitive program in which current and recent students apply to participate in a 2.5 day series of events designed to prepare them for doctoral study in Psychology and Neuroscience. Admission to the program is a mark of distinction and we honor our scholars and the recognize their accomplishments.

UNC DPW 2022 Scholars

Alexia Cristina Lisa Martinez Jada Rolston Myles Solomon
Alma M. Lugtu Jessica Ndukwe Nancy Adane
Avantika Kapadia Johensky Celestin Natalie Chong
Banban tan Journey Simmons Philip Dimka
Cecelia Stewart Kailyn Fan Tyv Faggioni-Balcazar
Chelci Denise Harris Karina Seebaluck Vishal Easwar
Christal Borden Karla Marie Mercedes Xinyue Nam
Emmarald Jean-Francois Katiasofia Gonzales Yinuo(Noreen) XU
Evan Reynolds Margaret Canady Yuechun Yao
Felicia Petterway Mengye (Irene) Xu Yuwen Wang
Zahira Vanessa Flores Gaona


We encourage all scholars to acknowledge receipt of this honor on their resumes as ‘Recognized as an Emerging Scholar in the competitive Diversifying Psychology Weekend  program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’.