Cong Lu


Emma Zhang

Client Manager, UI/UX?

Sam Shi


Yufei Dong


Lauren Leve



Team Rules

We will primarily communicate via text and email for this project. Urgent messages are expected to be returned within 24 hours and non-urgent communication is expected to be returned within 48 hours. Acknowledgment of the message is required (likes or thumbs up) even when a response isn’t warranted.

No response forfeits input and the team will expect a reasonable excuse in the days following.

Work assigned is expected to be completed by a predetermined deadline. Each team member is responsible for their own deliverables, and if workload needs to be reduced, the delegated member is responsible for finding help or a backup.

Potential issues need to be addressed at team meetings and the team needs to be notified asap.

We agree that the following are valid excuses for missing team meetings:

1) Personal illness or medical appointments

2) Quarantine under covid symptoms.

3) Family emergencies.

Team members should notify teammates in advance via text message when they need to skip a meeting. 

Coding Standards



Team Meeting: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm, Monday

Coach Meeting: 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm, Wednesday


Emma was absent from coach meeting 9/7/22 due to COVID.