1. The audio annotation can be retitled “Ritual Cycle and Change”. It should be placed where the triangle of the downward arrow is in the picture below, at the entrance to Jyoti Kirti Mahavihara (which is labeled on its roof).
  1. “Video button” should be retitled “History and Importance of Swayambhunath”.  It should be placed in front of the Deva Dharma Mahavihara, marked as #2 below.
  1. “Prostration” should be moved to #3, in the second story window of Deva Dharma Mahavihara.
  1. As soon as I can, I’ll send you another video annotation. This should be titled “How to Worship with Butter Lamps”. It should be placed at the #4 marker.


  • no meeting 11/15
  • schedule meeting for annotation placement
  • get rid of redundant pixles

11/11 CloudApps Meeting

11/7 Client Meeting

  • Met with Professor Leve and Ms. Kim Weaver Spurr
  • Discussed 1-year plan:
  • New Lidar scan
  • More annotations from Nepal
  • Mobile support
  • Explore different ways of rendering, perhaps with Unity as well
  • Discussed research paper:
  • Mentioned possibility of presenting on intersectional work between humanities and STEM in Asian Studies conference in spring
  • Professor Leve mentioned interest in having scrolling transcripts for audio.

10/18 Client Meeting

  • Wait for list of unlisted youtube videos (longer than the actual ones)
  • Some details such as butter lamb stall(under the umbrella) is currently at low resolution on the 3d model – possible solution: add image annotation, and layer another video annotation within it; wait for better resolution models

10/12 Coach Meeting

  • Git LFS?

10/12 Client Meeting

  • Next steps
    • explore web hosting options
    • fix camera on ground level
    • wait for annotations in ~2 weeks
      • video: embed on the same page, not full width popover
      • mostly video, some text and images
  • Web hosting: there’s a (limited) budget. UNC Cloudapps?
  • Annotations: hard-code / using JSON / admin system to change dynamically later(lower priority to allow such admin changes)

10/10 Team Meeting

  • Prepare for midterm presentation

9/20 Client Meeting w/ Nepal Team

  • Potree: open-source platform for creating 3d point cloud project with annotations like the bagan example. Works for desktop. Need to convert from latitude/longitude to x/y coordinates in order to render our model.
  • Met Raj from Nepal, intro on how this project got started
  • Accessibility: need to consider mobile support, but should be pragmatic so we can get investment and support for next steps. Publicity people will judge on laptops, while most audience will view on mobile => probably desktop first, mobile as a stretch goal

9/7 Coach Meeting

Next steps: schedule time to meet with Prof Leve and the Nepal team, especially need to figure out technical details such as 3d model formats. User stories and project concept due this weekend.

8/31 Client Meeting

Meeting with Professor Leve

  • Get 3d model from the sketchfab to the google arts and culture.
  • Currently have photogrammetry with drone; they plan on redoing the Swayambhu temple 3d with LIDAR but this will likely happen after the end of semester.
  • LIDAR and photogrammetry merged is how they got to the google arts and culture one.


  • An attractive platform where we can host the 3d models in the same way that the Bagan 3d is done. They have a resource on how they created the Bagan site. However, the Bagan site doesn’t have text annotations.
  • We need to include annotations in forms of videos(they have high quality videos), text, images, and links to external long videos.
  • They want to include short 3 minute annotations, but all the interview need to be accessible to speakers of different languages.
  • Key user story: user needs to be able to move around(including outside), zoom in and out, and click to see annotation and then have a “for more information, click here.” – all in first person experience.
  • They have a spreadsheet of small pieces of art around the site and we want to make that publicly accessible.
  • Scalable product as in it should work with the higher-quality LIDAR model and can add in more 3d objects and annotations.
  • Pop out window with applet is ok.


  • Will schedule meeting once team members are more familiar with point cloud rendering and 3d image hosting. Tentative meeting will be after 8pm or before 9am. Nepal time = EDT + 9 hours 45 minutes.


Received project assignment: Web Application for “Swayambhu Stories.” Drafted email to send to Professor Lauren Leve to organize first meeting. Confirmed first meeting for Wednesday 8/31 at 5pm at Professor Leve’s office: 121 Carolina Hall.