Current Study


Currently we are reaching out to everyone who participated in the in the Duke Preschool Well-Being Study at Duke Primary Care. Study recruitment and 3/4 stages will take place via phone, Zoom calls, and/or online.

We hope to recruit all 917 participants and complete all 4 stages with each participant.


The first stage involves online questionnaires completed by both the caregiver and adolescent that will ask questions about their moods, behaviors, thoughts and feelings. These questionnaires take approximately 90 minutes to complete.

The second stage consists of a 3-hour Zoom interview with trained research staff to give us insight into the life, experiences and feelings of adolescent participants and their caregivers.

The third stage is a 4-hour in-person gaming session with adolescents and research staff to better understand how they think. This stage also includes an MRI scanning session at UNC-Chapel Hill.

The fourth stage is a short set of online questionnaires that the adolescents will complete 6 months after the third stage to further understand their moods, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. These online questionnaires should only take roughly 20 minutes to complete.


The purpose of this study is to better understand anxiety and its development from preschool age to adolescence by performing a follow-up analysis with those who originally participated in the first portion of the study, Duke Preschool Well-Being Study. We are also seeking to deepen our knowledge on the effects of adverse life experiences on adolescent and young adult mental health.