Current Study


Currently we are reaching out to everyone who participated in the in the Duke Preschool Well-Being Study at Duke Primary Care. Study recruitment and 2/3 stages will take place via phone and Zoom calls.

We hope to recruit all 917 participants and complete all 3 stages with each participant.


The first stage involves a 3-hour online questionnaire completed by both the caregiver and adolescent that will ask questions about their moods, behaviors, thoughts and feelings.

The second stage consists of a 3-hour Zoom interview with trained research staff to give us insight into the life, experiences and feelings of adolescent participants and their caregivers.

The third stage is a 4-hour in-person gaming session with adolescents and research staff to better understand how they think. This stage also includes an MRI scanning session at UNC-Chapel Hill.


The purpose of this study is to better understand anxiety and its development from preschool age to adolescence by performing a follow-up analysis with those who originally participated in the first portion of the study, Duke Preschool Well-Being Study. We are also seeking to deepen our knowledge on the effects of adverse life experiences on adolescent and young adult mental health.