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Friday April 21st, 2023
Carolina Union, UNC

The Symposium on Information for Social good is an annual mini-conference hosted by the UNC School of Information and Library Science (SILS). It’s led entirely by SILS graduate and undergraduate students, showcasing their work on the intersection between information, ethics, and social justice. The event is capped off by a keynote speaker and is open to the public.

In 2023, the Symposium will take place on April 21st as a part of the SILS Scholar Showcase. As we approach the sixth year of this SILS tradition, we invite you to show up for our community, listen to our students’ voices, and make this essential conversation richer than ever before.

Keynote speech

In Resurrecting the Black Body Tonia Sutherland examines the consequences of digitally raising the dead. Attending to the violent deaths of Black Americans–and the records that document them–from slavery through the present, Sutherland explores media evidence, digital acts of remembering, and the rights and desires of humans to be forgotten…

Attending in person

This symposium is free and open to the public. If you plan to attend or present at the symposium, please register for the SILS Scholar Showcase by April 13, 2023 to reserve a space and a free boxed lunch. (If you are fasting for Ramadan, you can take your lunch to eat later.)

The event will take place in the Carolina Union, which is a short walk from Manning Hall. On the day of the event, use the side entrance that faces Davis Library to get to the check-in area.

For visitors to UNC, visit the webpage on visitor parking

Attending remotely

The keynote talk will be livestreamed online, and many of the panels will take place online via Zoom. Everyone is welcome to attend these online events.

The keynote talk and some of the online panels will be recorded for future viewing.

Zoom Addresses for the Symposium Webinars

Zoom A 1: Working as students :

Zoom B 1: Ethical Considerations in Developing AI Chatbots :

Zoom A 2: Beyond Scholarly Publishing: Open Access is Not So Open-and-Shut :

Zoom B 2: Data Ethics and User Privacy :

Zoom A 3: Library & Information Access: A Collaborative Examination of How UNC-CH Addresses Access Across the Field of Library and Information Science :

Zoom B 3: Misinformation in Social Media :