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The SILS Scholar Showcase 2023 will include poster presentations from SILS graduate student teams who completed a Master’s Practicum Project this spring. Posters will be graded by faculty during this event.

Time: 1:00 – 2:30

Location: Carolina Union Art Gallery

The SILS Master’s Practicum Project is designed for students who wish to gain practical experience for their capstone experience in lieu of writing a research paper. This project gives students the opportunity to apply the professional skills and knowledge they have gained at SILS in a team-based environment to a real-world problem or area of need while under the supervision of a faculty member and an internal or external project sponsor.

2023 Presentation Topics Include:

James Cates Archival Resources

Phyllis Stevens Archive

Archives and the Arts

Digital Wellness App

Web Analytics at Duke

On the Books / In the Community

Graphic Novel Collection Diversity Audit

University Engagement Measures and Metrics

Artificial Intelligence Art Production

Chinese News Analysis with NLP

Young Adult Fiction Collection Diversity Audit

T2T Marketplace Website

No Code App Builder

Interactive Real-time Satellite Tracking Dashboard

Event Organization – Symposium

Grad Student Tracking System

Text Corpora Construction and Mining for Systematic Reviews in Environmental Science

ISSS Website Redesign