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Welcome to my website! I’m a second year PhD student at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill studying pure mathematics. I graduated from University of Texas at Austin in May 2021, with a Bachelor of Science in Math and Physics. My research interests are neighborhoods of (complex/derived) algebraic geometry, high energy mathematical physics (especially mirror symmetry, QFT/TQFT, and string theory), and geometric and categorical representation theory, especially geometric Langlands. Warning: This list is highly volatile.


When I’m not doing math, you can find me playing soccer, listening to loud music, and creating lists that obey the rule of three.









What I’m learning about this semester (outside of class) (Spring 2023):

I) I’m participating in a seminar led by Andrey Smirnov on equivariant cohomology/quiver varieties. I will present at least once.

II) I’m mainly reading two textbooks, Kirilov’s “Quiver representations and quiver varieties” and Tu’s “Introduction to equivariant cohomology”.

III) I’m participating in a seminar led by Jiuzu Hong and Prakash Belkale on the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence. I’m following along but not supremely closely. I may or may not give a presentation.

Past semesters


Talks given (Union an epsilon neighborhood of today):

Integration formulas in Equivariant Cohomology – March 2022, Seminar @ UNC-CH, Notes forthcoming.


Introduction to Derived Functors – November 2022, Commutative Algebra final project @ UNC-CH, Notes available.

Differentiability of Lipschitz Functions in R^n (Rademacher’s Theorem) – November 2022, Measure theory final project @ UNC-CH, Notes available.

The Derived Category of Coherent Sheaves, Parts I & II – November 2022, jGMRT @ UNC-CH, Notes available.

Kahler Geometry and Hodge Theory – April 2022, Algebraic Geometry Course @ UNC-CH, Notes available.

How many Linearly Independent Vector Fields Fit on the N-Sphere? – October 2021, UNC-CH GMA Visions Seminar


Conferences attended (Union an epsilon neighborhood of today):


Hyperkahler Quotients, Singularities, and Quivers – Jan/Feb 2023, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics

Geometric Representation Theory – June 2022, Kavli Institute for Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU, Tokyo, Japan) (Online)

QFT for Mathematicians 2022June 2022, Perimeter Institute (Online)

Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium (WAGS) – April 2022, Colorado State University

Categorical Methods in Representation Theory and Quantum Topology – April 2022, University of Virginia