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About jGMRT:

jGMRT (junior Geometric Methods in Representation Theory) is a grad student seminar created in the image of the GMRT seminar, broadly covering all algebra/geometry/topology (AGT) topics, and featuring presentations by the grad students of UNC for the grad students of UNC. This seminar is a space for grad students to practice giving talks, keep tabs on what their peers are thinking about, and participate in the community of grad students working in AGT. This seminar was founded by me at UNC in Fall 2022, but the idea was stolen from the University of Texas, where I attended similar seminars as an undergrad. There they have many “junior” counterparts to “senior/faculty” seminars. As a result, ambitious undergrads are also welcome to attend, with the understanding that they may not be the main audience for the talks.

Xingyu (Tiger) Cheng is organizing jGMRT for Spring 2024. Link to his jGMRT webpage.

Past Seminars