Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jobs & Employment

Will participation in the study help me find a job?  

Unfortunately, no. We cannot direct you to specific job opportunities, but your local NCWorks Career Center can assist you in finding employment — visit  for more information. The NC Works 4 Health study is designed to help people stay healthy as they look for work and move into a new job.

Is UNC hiring? 

While the University of North Carolina is always hiring for a multitude of different positions, the purpose of this study is not to offer full-time employment. Please reach out to the NCWorks Career Center in your county to assist with employment needs. 

Can I give you my resume? 

We apologize, but it is not in our policy to take resumes. We recommend contacting your local NCWorks Career Center for open jobs in your area. 

Finding Employment

If I become employed during the study, may I still participate? 

Yes, we appreciate your continued participation. Please, inform us of the employment so we may initiate the next step of the study. 

I’m employed, what’s the next step of the study? 

Congratulations! Please, let us know by completing the survey sent to you via email each month. If you do not see this email, please call (919-808-5076) or email or 

Why are you asking for my supervisor’s information? 

As a part of the study, we are enrolling supervisors to take part in training that could potentially improve the health and well-being of their workers. We will not inform the supervisor of your involvement in the study, and you may remain anonymous, but you may also share the study information with your supervisor if you feel comfortable doing so. 

How do I know if I’m underemployed?

You may be underemployed if you desire to work more than your current number of hours for economic reasons and are actively looking to either: 1) obtain more hours at your current job, or 2) be hired into one or more supplemental jobs.

Data Collection

What happens if I miss one of the data collection appointments? 

It’s okay! You can reschedule (see next question) and continue participation in the study.  We will remind you about the 3, 6 and 12 month data collections unless you request to stop participating.  You will not receive the incentive, however, if you do not complete the data collection. 

Can I reschedule a data collection appointment? 

Yes! You may reschedule a data collection appointment as long as it is within the acceptable time window.  You’re assigned data collector can answer further questions about this. 


Will I need to charge the Actigraph? 

No, we have set the Actigraph to work without extra features allowing for a complete charge to last 7+ days. 

What if I miss a day of wearing the Actigraph? 

Put the Actigraph on as soon as you remember. Please, let us know immediately if you have missed more than two days so that we may reset the Actigraph. 

Does the Actigraph need to make contact with my skin? 

No, the Actigraph is collecting movement data, not heartrate. You’re welcome to wear the Actigraph as a loose bracelet on your wrist or tuck clothing under the Actigraph for your comfort. 

Is the Actigraph the same as the Fitbit? 

No. The Actigraph is different, and separate, from the Fitbit.  The Fitbit is yours to keep, while the Actigraph is to be returned to us.  We ask that you wear the Actigraph as much as possible during your data collections. 

ASA24 Food Log

What should I do if I begin the ASA24 survey but don’t complete it for that specific day? 

That’s ok! You can complete the survey on another day. Please complete the ASA24 food log for 3 days out of the 7-day data collection period. 

On the days that I fill out the ASA24 survey and use the Actigraph, do I still need to do the traffic-light food log and wear the Fitbit? 

Though you are not required to, it is good to still track your food intake in the CDPP participant portal and wear the Fitbit while completing the ASA24 and wearing the Actigraph for data collection.  However, it’s more important for you to complete the ASA24 and wear the Actigraph as instructed, so if you’d like to take a break from the traffic-light log and Fitbit during that time, that’s ok!   

Chronic Disease Prevention Program

Why didn’t I receive information on how to make lifestyle changes as the study advertised? 

If you were assigned to the control group, you will not have access to the health modules until you finish the 12 month data collection. At that point, you will have full access to the Chronic Disease Prevention Program learning modules.