A5 – APPLES Reflection 1

The main goal of this project is to create a heat map overlay on the Litter Map website that allows users to pinpoint locations where they have seen litter. The heat map would be displayed using a predictive algorithm that utilizes geographical tags to display areas where litter is more likely to be present. This functionality is meant to allow users to find places to go on clean-up trips without necessarily relying on other users submitting locations of spotted littler. As communicated by our client, many of his contacts and followers of his company, The Earth Stewards, are excited about this feature and the implications it will have. With a focus on cleaning up the planet and living in a more environmentally friendly way, this project will promote environmentalism and help in the effort to save our planet.


Not only will this encourage users to go out and search for litter, but it will allow for more accurate data to be taken. Once enough users have inputted areas where litter has been spotted, the predictive algorithm can implement this data into its prediction model, making it even stronger. Having this to look forward to in the future will encourage more people to pinpoint litter, gradually helping to clean the face of the Earth. Given that our planet is facing a climate crisis and exorbitant amounts of litter, the importance of this project could not be clearer. With a website capable of allowing users to go and find litter on their own, those who are passionate about the planet will take it upon themselves to clean up the earth and encourage others to do so.