Team Members
  • Alexander Pendzick, Project Manager (
  • Tianyi Peng, Researcher, Webmaster (
  • David Prendergast, Client Manager (
  • Email us
Team Rules
  • Team Behavior
    • If contacted by another team member, you should respond within 24 hours. Main communication line is the GroupMe group chat. 
      • If no response is received from a teammate, assume the Trello Board is accurate and continue.
    • If you are going to miss a meeting you must notify the team, via the GroupMe, at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Coding Style
    • All code should follow these standards during creation and review:
      • Be well documented. 
      • Follow pure-function ideals. 
      • Include smaller, broken-up functions for readability. 
      • Include comments wherever necessary. 
  • Collaboration
    • Follow a trunk-based development style on GitHub.
      • Create a new branch from the master branch when working on a new feature to allow multiple team members to work on different features at once.
      • When working on a new feature, it should be determined beforehand whether it is a major or minor feature. 
        • Minor features can be pulled into the master branch with just a notification to other team members.
        • Major features require review from other team members before pulling into the master branch.
    • Every commit must have a message