The Famil-e FIRST Lab

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The Famil-e FIRST Lab



The Famil-e FIRST (Fostering Inclusive/Innovation in Research, Services, & Technology) Lab aims to understand and enhance the lives of children and families, with particular attention to those families traditionally underrepresented in clinical science and underserved in clinical practice. We employ basic and applied research to investigate the mechanisms underlying child, parent, and family functioning. We also strive to understand how those factors shape treatment access, process, and outcomes. To achieve these goals, we take an interdisciplinary approach and consider research and theory from various fields. Most recently, this has included examining digital innovations in assessment and intervention to facilitate more contextualized, personalized, responsive research and services.

Diversity Statement

The Famil-e FIRST Lab recognizes that its achievements are a direct result of the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and contributions of its members. As a part of the lab, each member commits to questioning, addressing, and challenging the structures that restrict the diversity, equity, and inclusion of marginalized individuals. This commitment is demonstrated in the make-up of those working in the lab, including undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the children and families with whom we work. It is through this diversity of experiences, ideas, and identities that our collective culture and climate inform our research, clinical, and community collaborations. In turn, our goal is to continue to contribute to a more diverse, equitable, and impactful field of clinical science. We are committed to conducting research that contributes to the health and well-being of disadvantaged and marginalized groups and encourages students from underrepresented groups (both graduate and undergraduate) who are interested in our research areas to join our team.