Graduate students are involved in all aspects of Dr. Jones’ research, including writing, and submitting manuscripts and grants. Historically, they have also served as therapists and assessors for various clinical trials completed in the lab. Students continue to have the opportunity to capitalize on this data to address and answer their own research questions. Student authorship is denoted on my CV under publications with a *. As you will see, students are first authors or co-authors on the vast majority of my publications.

Selected Lab Publications:

Highlander, A. R.*, & Jones, D. J. (2021). Integrating Objective and Subjective Social Class to Advance our Understanding of Externalizing Problem Behavior in Children and Adolescents: A Conceptual Review and Model. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review.

Highlander, A. *, Zachary, C. *, Jenkins, K., Loiselle, R. *, McCall, M. *, Youngstrom, J., … & Jones, D. J. (2021). Clinical Presentation and Treatment of Early-Onset Behavior Disorders: The Role of Parent Emotion Regulation, Emotion Socialization, and Family Income. Behavior modification, 01454455211036001.

Sullivan, A. D., Wright, K. L., Breslend, N., Highlander, A. *, Forehand, R., & Jones, D. J. (2021). Who Looks on the Bright Side? Expectations of Low-Income Parents with a Disruptive Young Child. Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment, 1-12.

Loiselle, R. *, Parent, J., Georgeson, A. R., Thissen, D., Jones, D. J., & Forehand, R. (2021). Validation of the Multidimensional Assessment of Parenting: An application of item response theory. Psychological Assessment.

Jones, D. J., Loiselle, R. *, Zachary, C. *, Georgeson, A. R. *, Highlander, A. *, Turner, P., … & Forehand, R. (2021). Optimizing engagement in behavioral parent training: Progress toward a technology-enhanced treatment model. Behavior Therapy52(2), 508-521.

Khavjou, O., Forehand, R., Loiselle, R. *, Turner, P., Buell, N., & Jones, D. J. (2020). Helping the noncompliant child: An updated assessment of program costs and cost-effectiveness. Children and youth services review114, 105050.

Georgeson, A. R., Highlander, A. *, Loiselle, R. *, Zachary, C. *, & Jones, D. J. (2020). Engagement in technology-enhanced interventions for children and adolescents: Current status and recommendations for moving forward. Clinical psychology review78, 101858.

Jones, D. J., Anton, M. T. *, Zachary, C. *, & Loiselle, R. * (2019). Conducting psychological intervention research in the information age: Reconsidering the “State of the Field”. Journal of technology in behavioral science4(3), 210-218.

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