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The MLMI Follow-up Project is a longitudinal study following a sample of ethno-racially diverse adolescents (N = 105) over the course of 5 years. This project is designed to test mechanisms by which minoritized adolescents develop bicultural identities and competencies as they progress through high school and beyond.

Given the limited knowledge regarding normative change in bicultural identities and competencies over time, a major goal of this project is to trace adolescent developmental trajectories of bicultural identities and competencies across a 5-year period and to examine antecedents and consequents of these unique trajectories.

Investigative Team:  

M. Dalal Safa (PI; The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Michael R. Sladek (PI; The University of Oklahoma)

Adriana UmaƱa-Taylor (PI; Harvard University)

Funding Sources:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill