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BCBP Green Lab assessment spreadsheet


Minimize Energy Consumption 

  •        Ensure freezers are running efficiently
  •        Designate a cold storage manager
  •        Report all maintenance issues to UNC facilities in a timely manner
  •        Shut fume hood sash when hood not in use
  •        Turn off lights when leaving room
  •        Poster reminder to turn off lights
  •        Use daylight rather than overhead lighting when possible
  •        Turn off equipment when not in use
  •        Label equipment that should be turned off when not in use
  •        Turn off computers (or place on hibernate mode) at end of day
  •        Share freezer space with neighbors instead of buying your own
  •        Only run autoclave when full
  •        Set up a plan to maximize each autoclave use
  •        An Annual Freezer Cleanout is hosted to keep lab freezer content organized
  •        Only use distilled water when necessary


  •        Recycle cardboard
  •        Recycle paper
  •        Recycle batteries
  •        Recycle gloves
  •        Recycle ink cartridges
  •        Plastics recycling bin in lab
  •        Post signage for recycling procedures
  •        Scrap paper bin next to printers
  •        Dispose of chemicals according to UNC EHS guidelines
  •        Desk-side recycling bins are present in our lab area or readily accessible
  •        Double sided printing on all lab printers

Minimize Waste        

  •        Keep an up-to-date chemical inventory
  •        Keep ordering log to prevent redundant orders
  •        Minimize hazardous waste
  •        Date and label all samples in storage
  •        Maintain updated inventory of samples
  •        Reusable products are used whenever possible
  •        Purchases are consolidated to reduce packaging waste
  •        Green Lab Purchasing Tips are used when we purchase lab equipment and supplies
  •        Equipment is purchased that is appropriately sized and contains water-saving, energy-saving, or material-saving features
  •        Equipment and supplies trade-in and buy-back programs are used whenever possible
  •        Packaging materials are reused if shipping items from the lab whenever possible