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The Green Lab initiative for the Biochemistry and Biophysics department is intended to provide guidance to labs on actionable items for labs to move towards greater sustainability.

Participating labs will complete a spreadsheet with items and tasks to rate their current eco-friendly supplies and practices. Labs can track their progress over time and complete tasks to improve their overall Green Lab score. Labs that reach a certain level will recieve a BCBP Green Lab badge to display in the lab and on websites. Sustainability resources, including but not limited to glove recycling, freezer maintenance, shutting the sash, and chemical disposal are available for participating labs and the department.

My Green Lab

UNC Chapel Hill Green Lab’s comprehensive guide

How to get started

  1. Download the BCBP-ETF-lab-assesment.
  2. Begin by completing the “Lab info” items. Then, complete all checklist tasks that you would like to pursue. The application is divided into three general categories: Energy consumption, recycling, and waste.
  3. You can track your progress via the “Score” section. Points are based on either their impact on sustainability.
    1. Yes – Completed tasks
    2. In Process – Tasks that are in process of implementation.
    3. No – Tasks not being pursued or not completed.
    4. N/A –  A brief note on why the item is not applicable.
  4. Once you have completed the application, email the file to
  5. You will be contacted about your green lab status and opportunities to increase your score. Labs that reach a green lab status will receive a badge to display on your lab website and in your lab space. Your lab name and certification level will also appear on Environmental Task Force website!

Green lab badge