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What is the Student Technology Council (STC)?

STC Mission

The purpose of the Student Technology Council (STC) is to provide student input on Information Technology projects and discussions. Members bring their unique perspectives to help improve the quality of Information Technology (IT) products, services, and tools. The STC helps IT support the academic and research mission of the University.

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STC Goals

  • Provide feedback on development and implementation of IT products, services, and tools
  • Offer a student perspective on the future of technology at UNC-Chapel Hill. The Council can make suggestions and influence IT initiatives but does not have decision-making power.
  • Charge: Communicate/engage with students at large about IT discussions, decisions, and updates. The form of this outreach will be determined by the student members of the STC.

IT Values

  • Accelerate the University‚Äôs academic and research pursuits by providing accessible, reliable, efficient, scalable, and innovative technologies.
  • Deliver reliable, efficient, and creative institutional technology strategy and solutions in partnership with the Carolina community.


Up to 20 council members will be chosen for their knowledge and enthusiasm for participating in decision-making and strategic planning related to emerging campus technologies.

For full details about membership, including our service stipend and expectations, please see our Charter.