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Being able to walk up the steps without having to catch your breath or being able to perform well at work is important to many of us. We also know that how we successfully get through our day can be impacted by our weight. Weight loss, especially involving changing what you eat and how much you move, is already difficult and can be more difficult without the support of those around you, like your family. Because we know all these statements are true, we are creating more family- centered weight loss programs. However, we understand that time and availability can create barriers to participating together. We are investigating ways to reduce these issues!

Currently, we, at the UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, are conducting a study that will test if an on -line family support training is an easy and convenient component to be added to a weight loss program, TEAM+.

Those who take part in the study will be randomly assigned to either the TEAM+ weight loss program that includes an online family component or TEAM weight loss program with an in-person family component. Both programs will last for 3 months with measurement visits at the start of the study and at 3-month follow-up. We will collect weight, eating and physical activity behaviors, family and support behaviors and also information about the convenience and satisfaction of the program.