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Note: As a matter of principle, I will not tutor students who are currently taking a class with me. If you are a current student of mine and you desire more one-on-one tutoring, you can either attend my office hours, if they are offered, which can be found in the Teaching tab, or you can look at the UNC list of math tutors and the Math Help Center.


Tutoring Details: During the school year of 2023-2024, I will be on UNC campus and available for tutoring either in person on campus or remotely via zoom to anyone, not just UNC students. My personal tutoring philosophy is to try to guide the student through problems, rather than having the student watch me work through problems. This will come in the form of me helping you to assess what the problem is asking for, unraveling the relevant definitions, and giving hints and nudges in the right direction when needed. After all, when you sit down to take an exam it will just be you and the piece of paper, so watching someone else do math is not as beneficial as doing it yourself. This is the advice and philosophy I give to the students in my classes as well.

I can help you study for an upcoming exam, understand some challenging material from the lecture, and help you work through homework (I will not do your homework for you).

All undergraduate math classes are fair game, as well as test prep for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, and so on.

My Tutoring Experience: I am first and foremost a TA and grader for math classes at UNC. In particular, if you are taking a math class at UNC currently, I have most likely graded for it and know what graders are looking for. I was also an undergraduate TA at my undergraduate institution, the University of Texas for 3 years. While in Austin I also worked with a private tutoring company for 2 years doing one-on-one tutoring in person.

Payment: You are encouraged to email me with any further questions you may have, or to book a session. My rate is $50/hour, which is most easiest done through venmo.