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Q: What if I don’t know the answer to a question or don’t understand a question?

Answer to the best of your ability. We realize that this happens and you can let us know if you ran into questions with the survey.  

Q: Do you realize that some of these questions are repetitive?

Yes, we do. We apologize that this can be tedious but this also allows us to better measure what we are interested in knowing.

Q: What sort of questions on the survey could cause me embarrassment or discomfort? 

Few people actually have concerns with any of our questions but we do ask about your substance use, mood, social media usage, relationship with your parents, and life events related to the pandemic 

Q: If I withdraw consent, will I still receive compensation for participating? 

If you complete at least half of the study, you will receive a $10 Amazon gift card. If you complete the full study, you will receive a $30 Amazon gift card. Unfortunately we cannot compensate you if you complete less than half of the study. 

Q: How will my answers be separated from my name? 

Your identifying information is never stored with your answers to any part of the study.  Rather, we use an ID number to identify your data and the link between your ID number and identifying information is safeguarded in many ways.  It is stored in a password protected file accessed by the study personnel only.  

Q: How are my answers and identifying information stored?  

We store all data in a secured data website that is accessible only by those on the study team who need access for scientific purposes. 

Q: If I withdraw from the study after completing a survey, can I request to have my answers withdrawn as well? 

Your answers are not linked to your name so are strictly confidential but you may also choose to withdraw them at any time.  

Q: Is there anything that would disqualify me from participating in the study? 

There is nothing that would disqualify you from participating in the study at this point in time. 

Q: Will you report criminal activity?  

No. All of your answers remain confidential unless you express intent to harm yourself, others or reveal information of a minor being in danger.  

Q: Will you tell my employer or UNC officials about my substance use?   

No. All of your answers remain confidential unless you express intent to harm yourself, others or reveal information of a minor being in danger. 

Q: What are the personal benefits to participating?  

Research is designed to benefit society by gaining new knowledge. You will not benefit personally from being in this research study. 

Q: How much is compensation? 

$30 in the form of an gift certificate, which will be sent to you electronically via email. If you complete half or more of the study but do not finish, you will receive $10 in the form of an gift certificate. 

Q: What is the purpose of this study?  

The current study has the objective of following up on the study you were previously a part of regarding substance use, family relationships, stress related to the pandemic, social media use, and more 

Q: What if I want more information after the study? 

If you have questions you can reach us at 919-307-6108 or 

Q: Will I be updated once the results from the study are published? 

We will not contact participants directly to share research findings. However, published research is often publicly available for review should you be interested in our results in the future. 

Q: What if the questions cause me emotional distress? 

You are free to refuse to answer any of the survey questions. You may withdraw consent at any time. If you have concerns and would like for a member of our research staff to contact you, please email or call us.