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Recent Lab Publications

Chatterjee, D., Nogueira, A. T., Wefes, I., Chalkley, R., Sturzenegger Varvayanis, S., Fuhrmann, C. N., Varadarajan, J., Jacob, G.A., Gaines, C.H., Hubbard, N.M., Chaudhary, S., & Layton, R. L. (in press). Citizenship status and career self-efficacy: An intersectional study of biomedical trainees in the United States.Citizenship status and career self-efficacy: An intersectional study of biomedical trainees in the United States. PLOS ONE 19(3): e0296246. doi:

Brandt, P.D., Whittington, D., Wood, K.D., Holmquist, C.H., Nogueira, A.T., Gaines, C.H., Brennwald, P.J., & Layton, R.L. Development and Assessment of a Sustainable PhD Internship Program Supporting Diverse Biomedical Career Outcomes (2023). eLife, 12:RP91011. doi:

McLaughlin, J. E., Morbitzer, K., Meilhac, M., Poupart, N., Layton, R. L., & Jarstfer, M. B. (2023). Standards needed? An Exploration of Qualifying Exams from a Literature Review and Website Analysis of University-Wide Polices. Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education, 13(1). doi: 10.1108/SGPE-11-2022-0073

Van Wart, A., Djorić, D.,+ D’Silva,+ D.M., Layton, R.L., Hardy, L.,+ Suelzer, E., Tetzlaff, J.E. (in press). An emerging field: An evaluation of biomedical graduate student and postdoctoral education and training research across seven decades. PLOS ONE, e0282262. doi:

Chatterjee, D.,* Jacob, G. A.,*+ Varvayanis, S. S., Wefes, I., Chalkley, R., Nogueira, A. T.,  Fuhrmann C.N., Varadarajan J., Hubbard N.M.,+ Gaines C.H.,+ Layton R.L.,* & Chaudhary, S.* (2023). Career self-efficacy disparities in underrepresented biomedical scientist trainees. PLOS ONE18(3), e0280608. Doi:

McLaughlin, J. E., Layton, R. L., Watkins, P. B., Nicholas, R. A., & Brouwer, K. L. (2022). Developing evidence-based resources for evaluating postgraduate trainees in the biomedical sciences. PLOS ONE17(12), e0278297. Doi:

Schad, A.,* Layton, R. L.,* Ragland, D., & Cook, J. G. (2022). Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Mental health in medical and biomedical doctoral students during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and racial protests. Elife11, e69960. Doi:

Layton R.L., Solberg VS.H., Jahangir A.E., Hall J.D., Ponder C.A., Micoli K.J., & Vanderford N.L. (2022). Layton RL, Solberg VSH, Jahangir AE et al. Career planning courses increase career readiness of graduate and postdoctoral trainees. F1000Research, 9:1230 (

Collins, T. R., Hoff, K., Starback, M., Brandt, P. D., Holmquist, C. E., & Layton, R. L. (2022). Creating and sustaining collaborative multi-institutional industry site visit programs: a toolkit. F1000Research 2022, 9:1317 (

Ramadoss, D., Bolgioni, A.F., Layton, R.L., Alder, J., Lundsteen, N., Stayart, C.A.,  Yellin, J.B., Smart, C.L., Varvayanis, S.S. (2022). Using Stakeholder Insights to Enhance Engagement in PhD Professional Development. PLOS ONE. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0262191

Brandt, P., Varvayanis, S. S., Baas, T., Bolgioni-Smith, A., Alder, J., Petrie, K. A., Dominguez, I.,  Brown, A.M., Stayart, C.A., Singh, H., Van Wart, A., Chow, C.S., Mathur, A., Schreiber, B.M., Fruman, D.A., Bowden, B., Holmquist, C.E., Arneman, D., Hall, J.D., Hyman, L.E., Gould, K.L., Chalkley, R., Brennwald, P.J., & Layton, R.L. (2021). A cross-institutional analysis of the effects of broadening trainee professional development on research productivity. PLoS Biology, 19(7), e3000956. doi:

Van Wart, A., O’Brien, T.C., Varvayanis, S., Alder, J., Greenier, J., Layton, R.L., Stayart, C.A., Wefes, I., Brady, A.E. (2020).. Applying Experiential Learning to Career Development Training for Biomedical Graduate Students and Postdocs: Perspectives on Program Development and Design. CBE—Life Sciences Education. CBE—Life Sciences Education19(3), es7. DOI: 10.1187/cbe.19-12-0270.

Stayart, C. A., Brandt, P., Brown, A., Dahl, T., Layton, R.L., Petrie, K. A., Flores-Kim, E. N., Pena, C.G., Furhman, C.N., & Monsalve, G. C. (2020). Applying Inter-rater Reliability to Improve Consistency in Classifying PhD Career Outcomes [version 2; peer review: 2 approved]. F1000Research9(8), 8. doi:

Sinche, M.,* Layton, R.L.,* Brandt, P.D., O’Connell, A.B., J.D. Hall, Freeman, A.M., Harrell, J.R., Cook, J.G., Brennwald, P. J. (2017). An evidence-based evaluation of transferrable skills and job satisfaction for science PhDs. PLOS One, 12(9): e0185023. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0185023

Layton, R.L., Brandt, P.D., Freeman, A.M., Harrell, J.R., Hall, J.D., Sinche, M. (2016). Diversity Exiting the Academy: Influential Factors for the Career Choice of Well-Represented and Underrepresented Minority Scientists. CBE—Life Sciences Education, 15:ar41, 1–9. DOI:10.1187/cbe.16-01-0066



Collins, T., Ramadoss, D., Layton, R., MacDonald, J., Wheeler, R., Bankston, A., Stayart, C.A., Hao, Y., Robinson-Hamm, J.N., Sinche, M., Burghart, S., Carlsen-Bruyan, A., Eswara, P., Krasna, H., Xu, H., & Sullivan, M. (2021). Making Strides in Doctoral-Level Career Outcomes Reporting: Surveying the Landscape of Classification and Visualization Methodologies and Creating a Crosswalk Tool. bioRxiv. doi:



McLaughlin, J., Layton, R.L., Nicholas, R. Watkina, P., Brouwer, K., Leysieffer, K. T32 Program Evaluation Resources.

Collins, T.R.L., Layton, R.L., MacDonald, J.E., Ramadoss, D., Tessel, M.A., & Wheeler, R. (2020). Institutional Graduate Career Outcomes Database 2020. Open Science Framework Project. doi: 10.17605/OSF.IO/28DN6.


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