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The Online Practice Suite (OPS) is a National Science Foundation (NSF; Grant #2037983) 3-year funded grant involving collaboration across five institutions: Educational Testing Service (ETS), Indiana University Bloomington (IU), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC), and Towson University.

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The Online Practice Suite (OPS) is a set of complementary online activities for preservice teachers (PSTs) to engage in approximations of practice to develop their ability to facilitate argumentation-focused discussions in mathematics and science. It includes activities that are approximations of practice: focused practice spaces (FPS), small group avatar-based simulations (ABS), and whole-class (consisting of multiple small groups) virtual teaching simulator (VTS). The figure provides an overview of the pedagogical attributes of each approximation activity type, noting their affordances, similarities, and differences to showcase how each one complements the others.