Single 5: Hong Kong Mambo

Due to the rise in anti-Asian hate and the shooting in Atlanta last month we decided to follow on our antiracist principles and delay our next rhythms episode to devote the month of April to explore Asian and Asian American experiences through the lens of dancers from the Afro-Latin dance community. Susan Mykalcio, our graphics content creator and the host for this episode, met with social dancers, Leslie Cao and Ron Nguyen, and professional dancers, Peiwei Li Cobo, and Tina Cavicchio. They talked about instances of racism, their feelings around Identity, and connecting to and honoring Afro-Latin culture being of Asian background.

Single 3: Negrita/Dear (Little) Black Woman

We explore meanings, connotations and uses of the word “negrita” and the implications of such uses. Our guests Andrea Bolivar, Briana Harrison, and William Garcia-Medina help us navigate the topic.