Campus Life and Student Experiences

Developing a fostering environment where all students and student organizations can thrive is a fundamental goal of the Taylor Administration. By promoting student well-being, engagement, and growth, the Taylor Administration will aim to ensure that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will serve as a hub of personal and academic growth. By promoting policies that facilitate strong campus engagement, the Taylor Administration will advocate for better policies that serve every student and campus organization.

Civic Engagement and Outreach Services

Given the current political climate, it is increasingly important that we focus our efforts on building a civically-engaged student body. Access to healthcare, a woman’s right to choose, and racial justice are just a few things on the line. If elected, the Taylor Administration will serve during the 2024 General Election. These crucial times will require a Student Body President that recognizes the importance of student voices and connects political candidates with UNC students. The Taylor Administration is the perfect team for this work, and we truly believe that we’re stronger together.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Accessibility

The Taylor Administration recognizes the vast range of differences that each student here at Carolina brings. While, at times, these differences are ignored or used to separate us, we know that our differences will build unity if we allow it. We believe in the strength of this diversity as it contributes to a safe space here on our campus with equal opportunities for all. Our policies in diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) strive to foster a community where unique perspectives, lived experiences, and various backgrounds are considered, valued, and welcomed. With such a wide range of viewpoints, the chances for more informed decision-making, heightened creativity, and increased inclusivity are boosted. The Taylor Administration acknowledges that DEIA is not just a set of policies to be followed but it is a catalyst for the change we want to see on and beyond this campus. We are committed to creating a safe Carolina for all– where no voice goes unheard.

Academic Affairs & Professional Development

Every Tar Heel must have the resources to be academically successful here at UNC and professionally prepared for life after graduation. To make this goal a reality, the Taylor Administration will fight for a number of priorities including a grade forgiveness policy, exam flexibility, reforms to the class registration process, expand the Learning Center’s resources and improve professional development opportunities on campus.

Environmental Affairs

The UNC Student Government has a responsibility to both clearly define environmental policy and educate our student body in order to create the framework for a greener UNC. In the past several years there has been an increase in environmental advocacy on campus, which has led to a positive change and a plethora of student organizations with sustainability as their chief mission. It is important that the student government has a central hub for sustainability knowledge and initiatives that are going on or have existed on our campus. Our goal is to create an inclusive and just transition for our student body as we continue to create a more sustainable campus.

Student Wellness and Safety

The 2023-2024 academic year has been unprecedented in terms of the challenges the UNC community has faced. Still transitioning out of the pandemic, our campus has endured two armed assailant incidents, while tackling an increase in overdoses across college campuses and disheartening global conflicts. Thus, campus safety and student wellness have never been more of a priority on this campus. If elected, the Taylor administration hopes to lead our student body into the 2024 school year feeling more safe, secure and healthy on our campus. The Taylor Administration is committed to advocacy on raising student voices on matters of gun violence on our campus and increasing UNC’s focus on mental health, because we Tar Heels are stronger together.

Greek Life

Recognizing the significant contributions of Greek organizations to the campus community, the Taylor Administration is committed to fostering a stronger connection between the Student Government and the Greek community. With a firm understanding of the importance of supporting and celebrating Greek life, the Taylor Administration outlines specific initiatives to enhance communication, promote service opportunities, and encourage participation in events.

State and External Affairs

The Taylor Administration is dedicated to fostering strong connections and proactive engagement at both the state and federal levels, ensuring that UNC students are well-informed, represented, and actively involved in the larger political landscape. In collaboration with Chapel Hill and Carrboro Town Councils, the administration aims to fortify local relationships, establishing a student liaison position for transparent communication, organizing town hall meetings, and continuing collaboration with community initiatives. At the state level, the administration prioritizes increased student involvement in NCGA affairs through a dedicated advisory committee, regular meetings with state legislators, and sustained collaboration with the UNC Federal Affairs Office. On the federal front, initiatives include developing information platforms, facilitating internships, organizing educational webinars, promoting advocacy group participation, and striving for accurate representation of Carolina students and their concerns. This holistic approach aims to empower students, foster civic engagement, and solidify UNC’s standing on both the state and national stages.

Graduate and Professional Students

Graduate students constitute a significant and vital segment of the UNC student population, comprising over 11,000 individuals. Acknowledging their substantial presence and unique needs, the Taylor Administration recognizes the imperative for valid and robust representation for graduate and professional students at UNC. With diverse academic pursuits and experiences, this dynamic group enriches the university community, and the administration is committed to ensuring their voices, concerns, and aspirations are effectively addressed and advocated for in all aspects of university policy and decision-making.

Full Policy Platform

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