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Scoping review of queer cardiovascular health. In this scoping review, we will identify, summarize, and synthesize the findings associated with cardiovascular health in queer populations. Areas of exploration, inclusive of current findings and future directions, will be grouped according to the socio-ecological framework, which posits that outcomes are associated with multiple levels of influence and also affected by the intersectionality of these levels. Jake Diana is currently leading the drafting of the manuscript, with a goal of completion in Fall 2023.

The association of community-level safety metrics and individual physical activity levels among queer individuals. Using an epidemiological framework, we will use pre-existing data from national level datasets that capture data on queer identity (inclusive of gender identity and sexual orientation) and physical activity levels. Zachary Yukio Kerr is currently planning data ascertainment and analysis, with a goal of completing analyses in Fall 2023.

Factors that facilitate and impede using campus rec facilities among queer students. This mixed-method study will survey and interview queer students to better understand factors that can encourage or dissuade use of campus rec facilities. Zachary Yukio Kerr is currently planning data tool development, with a goal of beginning recruitment and data collection in Fall 2023.

Injury prevention, care-seeking, and management among stigmatized populations. Inclusive of drag performers, exotic dancers, and aerial fitness. We plan to begin this project in Fall 2023.

Inclusion in queer recreational sport leagues. In this qualitative study, we will examine the role of recreational sport leagues in the lives of queer individuals. We plan to begin this project in Spring 2024.