Master’s Thesis Research Themes:

Hydrology | Sociohydrology | Flood Risk | Land Use Land Cover Change | Climate Change


American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (New Orleans, LA) December 2021


WRRI-USGS Fellowship (Raleigh, NC) July 2021

Undergraduate Thesis:

The Onyx River, McMurdo Dry Valleys: Exploring Antarctica as a Mars Analogue


49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (Houston, TX) March 2018

Eighth Moscow Solar System Symposium (Moscow, RU) October 2017

Brown Summer Research Symposium (Providence, RI) July 2017


Hans‑Olaf Pfannkuch and E. Calvin Alexander, Jr. Hydrogeology Field Camp Award (Twin Cities, MN) July 2017

R.A. Bowen Trust Scholarship (Macon, GA) September 2014

Flooding along Morgan Creek during Hurricane Elsa
(Chapel Hill, NC | 2021.07.08)