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  • Leech, K., Leimgruber, K., Warneken, F., & Rowe, M. L. (2019). Conversation about the future self improves preschoolers’ prospection abilities. JOURNAL of EXPERIMENTAL CHILD PSYCHOLOGY181, 110–120.
  • Leech, K., Wei, R., Harring, J. R., & Rowe, M. L. (2018). A Brief Parent-Focused Intervention to Improve Preschoolers’ Conversational Skills and School Readiness. DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY54(1), 15–28.
  • Leech, K. A., Rowe, M. L., & Huang, Y. T. (2017). Variations in the recruitment of syntactic knowledge contribute to SES differences in syntactic development. JOURNAL of CHILD LANGUAGE44(4), 995–1009.

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