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UNC has selected a new Customer Support Tool to replace ServiceNow. This phase of the project will include implementing TeamDynamix and closing out the ServiceNow platform and contract.


decorative chat iconThe background

The current ITS contract with ServiceNow expires in September 2024. During the RFP phase of the project in 2023, the RFP committee selected TeamDynamix to replace ServiceNow, as it meets the following needs:

  • Fits our campus community better.
  • Enhances the experience for campus customers and people using the tool to do their jobs.
  • Provides better value for our UNC community.

decorative calendar iconThe timeline

TeamDynamix Go Live: July 10th
ServiceNow Decommissioning: by September 6th

Full project calendar available here.

Phase 1: Building out TeamDynamix
Target Dates: 1/2/24 – 7/10/24

Phase 2: Closing out ServiceNow
Target Dates: 7/10/24 – 9/6/24

Phase 3: Continued TeamDynamix Buildout
Target Dates: 9/6/24 – 12/15/24