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The evaluation will be performed using T1-weighted MR images with manual segmentations of WM, GM and CSF. Automatic segmentations will be evaluated against this manual set – a reference standard, by using various measurements, such as Dice Coefficient (DC), Modified Hausdorff Distance (MHD) and Average Surface Distance (ASD).

We will only provide a rank list for each metric. We will not provide an overall rank list since we think “Everyone is a winner.

—== Testing Results (24 months) ==—

KispiToSee07/11/20220.935 7.0910.0930.935 5.998 0.1360.9345.9290.132Details
IBIME07/18/20220.9355.9480.0910.9355.5110.1330.9335.683 0.132Details
DIKU-SMM07/22/20220.9098.390 0.1360.9165.864 0.1750.9166.4660.167Details
Dolphins07/29/20220.933 6.927 0.0960.9346.1210.1380.933 5.979 0.133Details
nic_vicorob07/31/20220.8567.326 0.2120.854 5.8620.2620.8445.616 0.286Details

—== Testing Results (6 months) ==—

KispiToSee07/11/20220.766 9.548 0.4220.8074.6060.4040.794 6.932 0.475Details
IBIME07/18/20220.7678.5020.4010.807 4.4310.3840.8036.4870.454Details
DIKU-SMM07/22/20220.740 8.634 0.4230.805 5.069 0.3940.7917.0160.473Details
nic_vicorob07/31/20220.712 10.9310.4730.7465.1890.4420.722 7.0610.617Details